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October 9th, 2003

09:17 pm - Argh...
Oh geez... My weekend is going to be really really busy. At least the busiest i've ever been...
Friday: Chrissy's BDay ^^. Iowa tests. School's out @ 11; stay after to do religion model project.
Saturday: Amy's house; Taj Mahal [sp?] for dinner, then Fall Ball 7:30-10:30. Get mum to pick us up?
Sunday: Hula practice 2-5? Tons of homework! >_<

*sigh* I'm gonna die... Anyway, not much goin on right now ^^ except relaxing now before I have to deal with above schedule..

Ermmm... Kap? Clickie? ^^'Collapse )

Okie, going to bed soon. Need my energy to fill in all those darn bubbles =P
Current Mood: dunno.
Current Music: my will. inuyasha ending song.

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October 8th, 2003

09:17 pm
Argh! Missing a pen! One sec!

Heeey! Wow! I found all five of my missing pens in the same place =P How they ended up under my shelf, I have no idea. Anyway, not much goin on tonight, just relaxing right now, cuz I actually have the time to relax. Not gonna spend much time on this entry either cuz I wanna start to design some stuffs [advertisements, business cards, etc] and I'm going to bed in a half an hour anyway =P

*sigh* Need to draw something for Chrissy's bday Friday, but I have no idea what to draw OR if I can draw it. At least I'll get her a card or something -_- as back up. Cuz I can't rely on my so-called artistic talent. At all.

Gotta do my chem tomorrow during study hall, IOWA tests friday, along with staying after school to do my religion project, and possibly visiting Julia? Saturday is the Fall Ball already =\ and Sunday got hula and a ton of homework! Grr!

Ok, that's about all for now. Later =)
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: invoke. t.m. revolution.

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October 7th, 2003

07:38 pm
Ya know, I was thinking about it. really thinking about it. I even talked to two people about it just now. And I realized...

I want a sexy stripping clown for my birthday!!!!

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07:04 pm
It's only around 7PM, but I can see the moon right outside my window already. The sky is a warm blue-gray color, and there's no breeze at all. Er, not trying to sound peotic or deep or anything ^^' but it is really pretty out, like the kind of weather I'd want to sleep outside in, except for the fact that I hate bugs and that it's most likely going to be really cold.

Anyway, most likely failed my history test. I really hate US History. Ugh, started to color in my Kenshin pic, and I think I ruined it. It looks like crap now. I need a major inspiration SOON! Oh but hey ^^ I was thinking of doing a Kenshin or something samurai-like for the print thing in art we have to do. Of course it won't be detailed, but I dunno if it'll work. I hate doing prints too -_- And I thought I was open-minded...

Still need to read a few chapters of The Scarlet Letter for tomorrow. I know I should do that, but I really don't want to.

*Sigh* It's only Tuesday. I want it to be Friday. Now. ...Ok, done. Goin to shower soon then maybe read =\

*psst* Hey did you notice I actually used capital letters and and periods and junk? ...I have no idea why, but I did ^^ hehe

~* And even tho Jules most likely won't see this, major huggles to ya =) Hopefully we'll all get to come visit you! And we'll bring teddy bears, Indian food, and the Indian waiter for you! ^^ [not waitress =\...unless...oh nvm] And maybe a sexy stripping clown? [lmao, dun ask ^^'']*~
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: glaring dream. gravitation.

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October 6th, 2003

07:30 pm
another quick entry cuz i gotta go shower and study! yea, major history test tomorrow on two chapters =\ sooo gonna fail. served detention this morning. sooooooo boring. tho, mr. salerno made us write down our favorite class for some reason, and collected the paper at the end. if i had known he was going to collect it >_< i certainly would've done a better job on that. and maybe use full sentences too?

ugh, anyway. actually going to fall ball. just cuz i got a new shirt ^^ and it's pretty. iowa tests friday. darn.. at least we have no classes. and get out @ 11. sortof. gotta stay to do that jewish house model with andrea.

*sigh* i'm a pest. and feeling really dense right now too >_< that wasn't random, i'd elaborate but gotta go! later!
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: mizerable. gackt.

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October 4th, 2003

11:27 pm
mm, tired. so this is gonna be a realli quick post. went out to a bunch of places today. got new pens, paper, and molding clay for religion project, but hopefully there will be some left over for me to play with =P and er, got Demon Diary 3 and the first Gravitation manga [Yuki's sexi =P tho really mean..hn]. and um. went to the Mars applefest and saw some cute guys ^^ hehe, there were some really nice blondes too.

erm, that's about it. goin to watch some anime then sleepin ^^
Current Music: he mele no lilo. argh, actually listening to hawaiin music..

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October 3rd, 2003

10:57 pm
i know it was always obvious, but it feels like i just realized that: people change. i knew that, but it still hit me pretty hard just now. whether it's me, or someone else, everyone is always changing. and then i find myself unable to pretend like things were the same as before. i'm really sorry if it suddenly seems like i'm ignoring you, but when things change i don't know what to say anymore. i don't know who to be, and i don't know how to be myself. dottsy, steph, mandie =( i miss you guys. and i'm really sorry i'm not able to keep up in your lives, and i don't want to bother or annoy you.

that's one of the things that i dislike most, feeling like i'm just in the way. and it feels like most of the time i am in people's way. i'm always stepping aside for other people. is that bad? seems like it should be...

random shit: *sigh* i'm such a disappointment. i tried really hard on that chem test, and i got a C. i try to follow the rules, and i just got a detention for three 'dress code violations'. which my parents bitched at me for. and i need money dammit!!! wanna go shopping sunday. i need to get out of the house. soon. and i'm supposed to be the costume designer for our hawaiin club, but it seems we don't have the money to get new costumes anyway >_< grrr...i don't want to be seen in a grass skirt by a bunch of drunk old guys. ...don't ask.

ok, i'm thinking too much. i need to go relax, read. or sleep. something else. =\ sweet dreams.
Current Mood: pessimisticpessimistic
Current Music: got the life. korn.

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September 30th, 2003

09:42 pm
*sigh* i know i'm gonna sound like a bitch or something like it, but sometimes...people's faces can be a major turn-off >_<

ok, with that said. moving on. should be finishing my chem homework right now, but i really don't feel like figuring out unbalanced equations right now...i think that's what it was 0_o like i'd know.

mm, have to suffer through 3 more days, and a gym class, then the weekend will be here! that's what vincentian does to you. it makes you dread mondays, hate tuesdays, wish you could kick wednesdays, collapse on thursdays, and rejoice on friday which came wayyyy too slow. ...whoa, ignore that 0_o have no idea where that came from and i'm too lazy to erase it. er, delete, whatever.

oh yeah. the mock trial thing? we got to rehearse once =\ and that was right before we had to give the performance, so. we messed uuuup. but i guess it wasn't bad tho ^^' i think i was a good witch. ppls said they liked my acting too =P haha, that's amusing.. hehe, and i scared Ms. V.. XD

okie okie, back to chem! or at least try for at least 20 minutes. after that, goin to bed ^^ mm, sweet sleep.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: it's gonna rain. rurouni kenshin.

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September 29th, 2003

10:01 pm
mm, did i mention how much i love my new icon ^^ i almost forgot i had that. anyway! chem test today! i was a whole lot less freaked out when we found out it was only one page, front and back. i at least filled all the spaces in, and there were true and false questions 0_o major diff from the first test. but i still have no idea how i did. see, i tried this thing called 'studying' ^^ like, looking over the thing the night before the test! ...ok, so it's more like 'cramming' =P but oh well, it's an improvement anyway. and then i looked at it all day today. i hope ur happy Kap =\ my brain hurts. hehe ^^

okie, this had to be a quiz entry cuz i still have to do my english homework, my fingers are numb [it's really cold], and i need sleep so i can be da witch tomorrow!

BOO! =3
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: nuthin. i need ta concentrate!

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September 28th, 2003

11:50 am
*major fangirl squeek* Eeeeeh! New Yuki icon! ^^ And renewed Yuki obsession: BEWARE ^_~ *off to drool over Yuki, and find some pics to make more icons!*

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